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It will route also offer numerous leisure activitiesgive you some useful tips about the region to tempt interesting background information One train - two destinations:about your railway journey. Frutigen1000 Kandersteg 900 Goppenstein Hohtenn* 800 Ausserberg 700 Eggerberg* Lalden* 600 Brigkm‰ 15 15 27 14 4 27 23 24 22Altitude profile for the Lötschberger line from Spiez to Brig, showing tunnelsm. speed: 160 km/h | Stylish interior design | Air- conditioned carriages | Low-floor carriages | Multi-purpose compartments | Large win- dows with panoramic views | Modern pas- senger information system | Power sockets in 1st and 2nd class10 | From Bern to Spiez Aaretal and Lake Thun – from Bern to Spiez.

important boarding information The rail experience In Bern, you board the Regio Express Lötsch-The first highlight of your trip will be wai- berger train for Brig and Zweisimmen. In the past, anyone wanting to travel from In 1902, the Swiss Central Railway and other Bern to Spiez had to bump along in a horse- private railway companies merged to formdrawn carriage for about three hours to get to the Schweizerische Bundesbahnen or SBB.

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Background information & highlights along the beautiful way from Bern to the Valais.

The Lötschberger trainslink the prettiest places and holiday desti-nations in the Bernese Oberland and the Valais along the routes from Bern to Brigand Zweisimmen. Spiez900 Wimmis Burgholz*800 Oey-Diemtigen700 Erlenbach i. Since the end of 2012 there have been 25 Lötschberger trains in service.