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One of their most important bits of advice is to resist the urge to open expensive packs and instead collect as many coins as you can to focus on trading.Shop for bargain items you can flip for a quick profit and to make longer-term investments in players and consumables that will rise in value when the game comes out.

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FIFA fans can begin building their Ultimate Team squads for FIFA 18 now thanks to EA Sports' web app.

Ultimate Team is FIFA's most popular game mode - and, indeed, the most popular mode of any football game on the market - and has become hugely competitive in recent years, with rival players vying for valuable items and coins and facing off in matches.

Building up a good bank balance and collection of assets for release day can give you a huge head start on the competition.

As fun as opening packs is, coins are hard to come by during this initial window and should be treasured and used wisely.

That will get you 10 hours of trial play time from Thursday, September 21.