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This first question was designed to get a view of how the financial services industry sees the forthcoming regulatory reporting environment –90% still see the regulatory burden as onerous, with only 8% of firms thinking it will now be plainer sailing after the initial COREP submissions.

We fast track the identification of critical business functions and assist you to determine where business recovery plans are required.

The real challenge for effective management of your continuity plans is the volume of detail required within each recovery plan and the need to keep this up to date.

The MSc programme has been developed by practitioners for practitioners, and is available via face-to-face, distance learning and blended learning.

It is intended for anyone working in process safety, technical safety, safety engineering or nuclear safety within major hazard industries, such as oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, nuclear, transportation and mining.

in April and July) to gauge how firms were geared up to handle FINREP, Asset Encumbrance, LCR and ALMM.