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Here we are talking about medium business impact web apps with API keys for 3rd party web APIs and connection strings that can live in memory for short periods. When you're deploying a web app to Azure (as often these apps are deployed from source/Git Hub, etc) you should NEVER put your connection strings or app Settings in web.config or hard code them.Instead, always use the Application Settings configuration section of Web Apps in Azure.

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Here’s an example of a valid Beware of this pattern, as state won’t be up-to-date with any props update.

Instead of syncing props to state, you often want to lift the state up instead.

Changes to the environment made after this time are not reflected in os.environ, except for changes made by modifying os.environ directly.

A reader emailed asking how to avoid accidentally checking in passwords and other sensitive data into Git Hub or source control in general.

Methods prefixed with function should be pure, meaning that it does not modify component state, it returns the same result each time it’s invoked, and it does not directly interact with the browser.