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If the problem switches sides with that swap, then replace the bad relay that you've just identified. If replacing relays/fuses fails to fix your headlamp lifting problem, then you'll need to check the headlamp assembly itself for broken welds, missing bolts, bad diodes, bad motors, and incorrect parts alignment (see below).

pic thanks to Miltonian Note the diagram and the picture of #6 above. If the above doesn't fix your problem, then disconnect your battery and test the position "sensor" diodes.

This means that you will have to *test* to see if each LED is installed properly (typically there is a resistor that can be seen attached to one wire LED lead, and that should commonly be placed on the top side of any Ferrari circuit plug). 3) On your relay panel in the front trunk, relays "H" and "I" operate the left and right headlight lifting motors.

On the 348, install your tail light LED, test, and if it doesn't light up simply switch the location of the two power/ground wire plugs that lead into light socket. If the problem is in the relay (an electrical problem as opposed to a mechanical problem), you can swap these two relays with each other and see if the problem switches to the other side.

How to Remove Headlight and/or Motor Assembly Cleaning Head Light Assembly/Lens Each headlamp lifter has its own fuse and its own relay.